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Description: Installation of the latest technology of LED Screen Display made especially for Buildings exterior, installation will be on the window frames only (Nothing installed directly on the glass area) and the lights will cover the glass area with unlimited effects & colors (RGB type).

Executive Summary: This type of display screen has more features than the normal LED screens usability, efficiency and durability on the building frontage.

General Features:

  • Maximum recall.
  • Highest reach.
  • Attractive Medium or innovative medium on roads.
  • The brands have the flexibility to display multiple advertisements at the same location in different types of advertising (Text writing, Images, Videos, 2D moving messages such as fountains, fireworks, running person, flying birds ...etc).
  • Maximum mileage & highly effective.
  • Eye level advertisement or easy to see.
  • Still visibility at high traffic signals/areas.
  • Low Cost comparing with the traditional advertising methods.
  • No change-over cost.
  • No weather disturbance.
  • Minimization of business loss.
  • Continuously repeated advertisement.
  • Not obscure the seeing through the glass to the people who are inside the building.
  • Seamless and Lightweight.
  • Extra wide viewing angle.
  • Consistent uniformity.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Fit to desired display size.
  • Fire resistance LED chip-sets.