We are the exclusive agent in middle east for bendable poles latest technology of traffic signs pole solutions in the world, which provide awesome benefits and features as follows: It will have paid for itself after just one collision, by reducing damage to vehicles and preventing injuries. Reduce the operations cost in case of accident, as no need to call security and safety team to analyze the damages or call the police for accident

How it works
The new, innovative system is flexible and is therefore able to limit damage in the event of collisions.
Traffic signs and boundary posts return to their original position and so remain permanently and completely upright.
report purpose in most cases. Aim of the post is to put the instructions on the signboard for the protection of road users, in the period of changing the damaged signage it might cause to the occurrence of other incidents.
When a collision in the ordinary events will result in damage to the vehicle, as well as in the regular pole, such damages and small pieces cannot be repaired and must be fully replaced, so the new post contributes in some way to reduce the environmental damage caused by the increase of solid waste, which do not decompose easily.

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Fast and easy assembly

  • Can be integrated into existing, damaged traffic signs with no need to lay new foundations.
  • Traffic signs and boundry posts can be dismantled quickly, e.g. for the transportation of abnormal loads, weekly markets, etc.
  • Only the flexible post base has to be replaced in the event of a high speed collision, with no need for a new pedestal. This can quickly be done by hand by one person, thus reducing labour cost. No additional materials or extra expenses are necessary.
  • Keeps towns looking neat and tidy without crooked trafiic signs or boundary posts.
  • Greater safety in the event of a colision (cars and motorbikes)
  • Limits damage caused by parking manoeuvres.
  • Keeps the area clean and tidy.

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